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May. 9th, 2014 03:55 pm
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following these links, you'll know of the new author of fiction, essays and poetry...
...whose latest historical fiction is out at SmashWords, Lulu, Amazon, and Barnes&Noble.
A Handful of Blossoms, by Lara Biyuts, historical fiction and paranormal adventure:
You can find the book A Handful of Blossoms
as a guest post at The Pen & Muse
the review at Maggie Mack Books
at Sam Kasbrick's Reviews
at Elisa Rolle Reviews
About the Author:
interview at Roy Eynhallow's Creative World

Revue Blanche, which can be called the Oscar Wilde club, has its iconostasis:
Count Stanislaus Eric Stenbock (1860-1895) a Baltic German poet and writer
Major Lord Henry Arthur George Somerset (1851-1926)
Alfred Waterhouse Somerset Taylor (1962-?)
Sir Harold Mario Mitchell Acton (1904-1994) a British writer, scholar and dilettante
Arthur Annesley Ronald Firbank (1886-1926) a British novelist.
Jacob Derk Burchard Anne baron van Heeckeren tot Enghuizen (1792-1884) a Dutch diplomat
Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1717-1768) a German art historian and archaeologist
Gerard Reve (1923-2006) a Dutch writer
Roger Peyrefitte (1907-2000) a French diplomat and writer.
Guglielmo Pluschow (1852-1930) the famous photographer
Baron Jacques d'Adelswärd-Fersen (1880-1923) a novelist and poet of the early 20th century
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Beyond the Silver Threads  Beyond the Silver Threads. Set in St Petersburg, the Russian Empire, the story  is about one Russian student of the name of Vadim who gets his uncle’s apartment at his disposal for the time of the winter holidays. Languor of Youth urges him to go out, on the clear night. In the street, he meets his old friend, and later, on the night, he gets his first time. Time of the story is the same as the Regency in England. Historical romance. Soft erotic. Paranormal adventure. The fairy, winter nightlong tale was initially published as a part of the novel Silver Thread Spinner, by Lara Biyuts. 

Available at

Check out the eBook at iBookStore, Nook, iTune and, where more eBooks by Lara B are available, with the book A Handful of Blossoms being listed among the Best Gay Historical

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Dec. 2nd, 2012 09:44 am
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the book A Handful of Blossoms is listed among the Best Gay Historical


check out the new book of paranormal fiction by Lara Biyuts
Extraordinary Story of a Turnskin (ISBN 9781300449454)

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 A Handful of Blossoms. Written in form of a diary, which genre (epistolary, confessional) was so popular in the 18th century and which sounds so comprehensible in our time of blogging, web-diaries and web-journals, the novella A Handful of Blossoms may be called a love story. A story of a young bride and her weird marriage. Time: 1764, a year after the Seven Years War (this first global military conflict took place much earlier than WWI, and it may be called the First World War, in fact.) Set in Europe, the story is historical fiction, in which Author studies the interesting case when a gay man is enforced to get married to a female (dynastic marriage) and what comes of this unnatural act. (Warning: no consensual sex, no sex relationship at all between the spouses.) Nothing playful, but the book is a story of a young thing, who learns the world. Nothing unworldly, but the mysterious and mighty undead, who appears in the winter tale of the novel Silver Thread Spinner, by Lara Biyuts, appears in this new story as well. The image of the undead is neither Author’s attempt to follow the fashion nor Author’s contribution to the modern day literary taste; Author merely loves speculating on the subject.

Available at:

Lulu eBook


 “Lara Biyuts’ writing is deep and multi layered. Expect to read this book a few times in order to glean all the mysteries and interlocking energies held inside the writing. I don’t want to give away one of the more interesting twists of the book, but suffice it to say it holds a few surprises.” (Maggie Mack Books)

 “I found the story-telling through this narrator to be very well done and all of the characters had quite a bit of depth to them.  Biyuts did a very good job in her writing of this book.  I could actually see this book being studied as literature in a university class.” (Sam Kasbrick's Reviews)

 “I would definitely recommend this book to fans of historical fiction or maybe to fans of old-school Gothic literature.” (Sam Kasbrick's Reviews)

 “Complex story, complex writing style, but if you have the patience, and the courage to start it, I think you will find this is a very original insight in an uncommon era and setting for a novel.” (Elisa Rolle Reviews)

“Lara Biyuts comes to us from the great tradition of Nabokov and Conrad, enriching our literature in English with the rich cosmopolitain perspecitve of the East European tradition leading back to Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. Like those great masters she takes us also into the shadow world of sexuality with its hidden psychology, possession and sensual revelations.” (Robert Sheppard, Author of the novel Spiritus Mundi,
“The secret of Lara Biyuts is her tales. The secret of her tales is their charm. The secret of the charm is Lara Biyuts.” (Les Hudson,


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